Plant Based Milk – Our Favourites

One of the things that isn’t in short supply for anyone starting their vegan journey now  is plant based milk. Rewind a few years ago and the magical white stuff was a lot trickier to come by, but now even my local co-op stocks at least one carton of the stuff. So far so good. There’s plenty for us to choose from. But if you’ve been drinking cows milk for years it can take a bit of time to find what you like and what works where. Here’s what we use and where.

  • Soya Milk – the staple of coffee shops and probably your first plant based milk. This stuff makes an awesome milkshake. With it’s thick and creamy texture it’s perfect whizzed in the blender with strawberries. You can also rely on a reasonable coffee from most coffee shops with this.
  • Almond Milk – Personally I think this one is great for cereal. I find it a little overpowering in drinks, but if you like nut syrups in your coffee, then this one is for you!
  • Rice Milk – Personally this is my favourite for a bog standard cuppa or instant coffee. It doesn’t curdle and works great in tea and coffee.
  • Oat Milk – Great in porridge, overnight oats and with cereals. The barista versions make an absolutely fabulous frothy coffee. Thrust at your local barista or if you have a milk heater / frother at home get busy.
  • Coconut Milk – Not the stuff in cans, but the cartons found by the other milk! I like this as a stand alone drink. I find it overpowering in other uses, but make a chocolate milkshake with it and boom! Bounty in liquid form. Winning.
  • Hemp Milk – I find this quite a stable milk for cooking. Good for a base for a white or cheese sauce.

Hopefully if you’re feeling a little confused over which to try or are having milk disasters this will help.

Just don’t cry if you spill any! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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