Veganising Betty Crocker Cakes

If you’ve seen the hype on social media about making Betty Crocker cakes with a can of fizzy drink but are yet to try it, I have one thing to say – DO IT NOW! I’d read so many times that it was a hit, but just couldn’t work out whether or how it would work. So in the name if all things science, we decided to give it a go. This is an absolutely great cake to bake with kids as they can do it entirely by themselves, and make up some awesome combinations.

It couldn’t be simpler, you just pour the contents of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Add a can of fizzy drink. Mix together and bake in the oven as usual. It’s that simple. We’ve made several now, and every time the results are a success. Great for when you need a quick cake, and can’t be bothered with anything too elaborate! So far we’ve tried the following combinations:

  • Chocolate cake with a can of Coke
  • Vanilla sponge with a can of lemonade
  • Lemon cake with a can of lemonade

If you’ve any suggestions that you’ve tried out, give us a shout.


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